Meeting Minutes


Place: Conference call

Time: 6:15pm

Officers present:

Kim Davis- President

Renecia Cullier- Designer

Ann Marie Oresti – Fundraiser coordinator

Arianna Davis- Secretary

6:15pm: Topic of discussion: 2nd annual Luau and what we can do to make events better going forward.

Thoughts on Luau: all officers thought the event went exceptionally well parents and kids enjoyed themselves and everyone had a great time.

President Kim Davis concerns: Kim Davis stated that the prize table needed to have someone to issue prizes, due to others going to the table and getting prizes when they weren’t supposed to. Next time, we will implement a ticket system. In order for them to get a prize, they will need a ticket. Also, We had a communication issue with Little Caesars. Next time, we will implement better communication.

Fundraiser coordinator Ann Marie concerns: Ann Marie stated we could have had more seats and tables, we will implement more seating before event starts.

For future events we will have back up plans, in any case something or someone fails to honor their commitment to volunteering or bringing donations. We will have a plan b.

We will expand food choices.

We are adding hot dogs and nachos.


President Kim Davis would like if we can do a more realistic back drop for future events.

Fall fest ideas: face painting, pumpkin painting , bounce house, and trunk or treat. Officers are to come up with more ideas for fall fest.

Pinterest has my events tabs and plenty of ideas so let’s utilize it.

Fundraiser coordinator Ann Marie suggested that we should send out thank you letters to all vendors. Parents that worked to set up and/or take down and clean up will receive thank you notes.


Conference call 10/11/18 at 6:15pm

General meeting 10/18/18 at Élan Academy 6pm

Fall fest 10/27/18 1pm

This concludes our call.