Meeting Minutes


Place: Conference Call

Time: 7:00 p.m

Officers :

Kim Davis- President

Alex Cullier- Vice President

LaTressia Matthews-Williams

Renecia Cullier- Designer

Ann Marie Onesti – Fundraiser coordinator

Arianna Davis- Secretary

7:00 p.m :

Vice President Alex Cullier Open discussion: Holiday Shoppe

Do we think we need to ask parents for donations?

Momentum decided to all give a $20 donation. The donation will go towards misc. items like socks,dolls,toy cars, and or stuff we didn't order online.

Due to other parents that might not want to donate and buy back gifts at holiday shoppe. We will only need parents to volunteer to gift wrap and or help with holiday shoppe.

So far some of the gifts we will offer is jewelry, holiday mugs, inspirational wall art,journals, towels. we need toys for younger boys and girl. Some ideas for other items are: picture frames and pet gifts(per Ann Marie),candles,ear buds( per Kim Davis)socks, scarves, and gloves. For adult males mugs and calendars (per Alex Cullier). President Kim Davis will do costers with Elan logo!

B. Each class will have 30 minutes to buy and get gifts wrapped.

We decided to name the holiday shoppe “Winter Wonderland

holiday Shoppe”. The holiday shop will take place on December 13th, from 10am-2pm. We will keep the decor simple and VP Alex Cullier have the setup for the Holiday shop. We also decided to add flat rate $1 gift wrapping fee.

II. 8 p.m Winter Formal

Venue ??? Our president Kim Davis will update us on the venue for winter formal.

The menu we decided on is: rice, chicken fingers,pizza,hot dogs(maybe), cookie cake, and cupcakes. Ann Marie has an heart shaped pan with cookie recipe and will make 4 with ELAN written on them.

President Kim Davis will talk to Mr. Carter about what charitable gesture we will be doing this year can goods, toys, or $5 for winter formal.

Notes :

Talk to Mr. Cater about winter formal theme.

Our Treasurer LaTressia Williams will collect money for holiday store.

Send home reminder about holiday shoppe don't forget to add $1 gift wrapping fee.

8:29 p.m: adjournment


General Meeting : November 29th

Winter pictures (santa is optional): December 12th

Make music NOLA winter showcase: December 13

Holiday Store: December 13 from 10am-2pm

Winter Formal: December 14th(Dennis Photography will be here to take pictures)

This concludes our meeting.