Thank you to our 2019-2020 Momentum Officers for your service. Unfortunately the pandemic has led to a hold on the selection of new officers.

We will meet in January 2021 to discuss the selection of new officers and the responsibilities of officers.

2019-2020 Momentum OFFICERS

President (Micah Glausier)

Objective: Lead organization to achieve mission as stated in the family Mission and Vision Statements.

Vice President (Ryan McNaughton)

Objective: Assists President and oversees the relationship building of the Élan family association

Treasurer (Erica Maye)

Objective: Manage all incoming and outgoing funds of the association, with appropriate record keeping.

Secretary (Arianna Davis)

Objective: The secretary is responsible for taking meeting notes at the family association meetings and distributing the minutes at the subsequent family association meeting. Also recording votes.

Fundraising Coordinator (Ann Marie Onesti)

Objective: Oversees the fundraising missions of the association.

Communication Secretary (El Charrita Craig)

Objective: Oversees the communications mission of the family association, including handling the communication issues related to Momentum and Élan Academy.

Volunteer Coordinator (Karoline Glausier)

Objective: Works with the Élan family association president, principal and teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments at the school to support student success. Oversees volunteer recruitment, training and assignments

Designer (Alex Cullier)

Objective: Addressing graphic design needs and web presents of the association.