Élan Academy Momentum Family Association


MOMENTUM is a committed group of parents and guardians who will support Elan Academy scholars through parental engagement.

As a parent organization, we create an environment that engages and excites the creativity and

diversity of our own future leaders. We are accountable to our students, the staff and our community for creating

leaders. We foster a holistic environment that creates caring leaders that will change the world around them. We believe

“it takes heart” and are committed to developing, building and sustaining that village! Momentum supports

Elan Academy through fundraising, community events, student and family recruitment and actively increasing

parent engagement and involvement.

We are a community of learners!


MOMENTUM exists to ensure our children have the support necessary to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

We are dedicated to holding our school and parents accountable by providing a variety of avenues for parent engagement.